The GreenWater 600 : Your solution against moisture

The GreenWater 600 is much more than just a composite panel. It embodies the perfect alliance between naval technology and environmental responsibility. 

The ecological solution

Designed for use both outdoors and indoors, even in humid environments, it offers an ecological and sustainable solution for your projects.

It can be used as a wall cladding panel in humid environments, as well as for furniture manufacture, both outdoors and indoors.

Its properties :

  • Weather Resistance : Whether it’s rain, snow, or scorching sun, the GreenWater 600 maintains ultra-high-performance and durability.
  • Rot-proof : Its resistance to moisture and deformation makes it an optimal choice for environments exposed to water, such as spas, pools, hammans, jacuzzis, and bathrooms.
  • Decorative : Our composite panels can be veneered with wood, compact and ceramics, offering a wide range of aesthetic possibilities for your projects.

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